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05 25 10 - sudden urge
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango
I don't know why but I have a sudden urge for coloring...
maybe becoz of the hetic day and I want to get rid of it.. gyah!!

and so I pick up a quick scan..and ended up pick a random girl from Boushiya Ellipsis
and here is the result~~


Series : Boushiya Ellipsis
Featuring : ?? I don't even know her name...
Time : 1 hour
Program : Adobe Photoshop CS2
Spoiler : Chapter 01
Credit Scan : Bliss & Storm in Heaven

tick tock tick tock tick tock...Collapse )
05 23 10 - uh-oh..
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango
I was barely managed to finish a coloring.. *since I was too lazy to study today...even though tomorrow I will have a exam..*
so I was coloring Gilbert Nightray from Pandora Heart~
and I was quite happy when it finished~ lol~

enjoy then ^^

Series: Pandora Hearts
Featuring: Gilbert Nightray
Time: ugh..I lost...5 or 6 hours ? maybe.. *A*
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Spoiler: Chapter 49

here~ here~!Collapse )
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango
An absolute vocalo-addict to this icons..
as I bring you

[60] VOCALOID icons

and I hope soon that I'll make a vocaloid mood theme.. *If I'm not too lazy to do that... shot*
so enjoy them and have it your way~~

an absolutely vocalo-holic...Collapse )

03 12 10 - icons dump!
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango
and I dump my icons here...

[03] Durarara
[15] Pandora Hearts
[08] Vampire Knight
[41] Vodaloid

Total = 67 icons
*wow...Idk I can hit such a number...*

Preview =

beware...fail icons n(-__-)nCollapse )
02 17 10 - yatta!!
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango

I'm done coloring..
lemme know what you think about it okayy...
I'm doing it in the middle of studying so..it took a long time..but i think it's owrth of..*at least for me..*
and credit the scan once again from sagakure 
tara~~Collapse )
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango
Hello again my friends ^^

It's been years since I open up my LJ...
oh my god...

I was busied with all the University things.. (yey!! I'm now in the 2nd year of University...)
so I kinda leave the LJ...
I miss this LJ...

rambling rambling rambling all the way will be added in this journal *again*...

Even though I'm busy busy with my life..
but still my SUPR HUGE fandom for anime/manga is still here...

nowadays I'm fandoming about...
*still* Vampire Knight, Vocaloids, Pandora Hearts, Kuroshitsuji, Faster than a Kiss, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and many other...
and I'm still making graphics...
so if u want to suggest any *good-to-you* anime/manga...
just tell me..great things if I we get know to each other right ?? ^^

but I just lost ALL my graphics before due to the virus that break down my data all to the core...
only a bit survived...
and I'm so so so so so devastaed...
I wish that I could get them back..
even tho it's sucks but I still love my graphic...

and tomorrow there is a BIG test for me...
chemistry...OMG I hate it...
hope that I can do it...
10 18 08 - I'm joining ^O^
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango

I'm joining a Graphic Community! It's made by Mizuho~~ a friend of mine in VKF (Vampire Knight Forum)!!
it's named fallen_materia and I hope that I can make some good icons~
coz I find that icons are harder to make..lol~~

please wish me luck in this community!!!

that's all for now~~ RAWR~!!

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