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another wonderland
just a mere simple dream
i had myself a comm to manage 
08 05 10
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango
so...after thinking and thinking, finally I have my conclusion to create a comm for my graphics..
I know that it is not many but I won't post my graphics in my journal anymore..so, yeah.. I use my comm now..
it's dromerige stand for dreamy in Dutch..
so it's kinda have the 1st post here..so if you don't mind, check it out ♥♥♥

thanks, and yoroshiku-onegaishimasuu~
08 06 10 (UTC)
YAY! You created a community. :DD
I'll go and watch it. C:

And SPAM IT. >8D
Thanks for sharing it.
08 06 10 (UTC)
go spam it as result I'll spam back barbieater LOL..
yeah..I guess I can't always post on my journal..comm is btter choice I think..

thanks for your support~~
08 07 10 (UTC)
Yes! And that way people don't have to bug you here at your journal. :D

You deserve it and you are certainly welcome. C:
08 08 10 (UTC)
NEW COMM, NEW COMM, NEW COMM. YAYYY!!!! I'll go and watch it later since the school internet blocks the non-private comms/journals. Congratulations on your new comm Nna-chan. I still haven't gone around to post a new batch. Getting there. Eventually.
08 09 10 (UTC)
thank you Azu-chii..
ahaha..well take your timeee
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