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just a mere simple dream
welcome my dear HOLIDAY !! 
07 10 10
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango
those crappie exams ended today..so YAY for mee!! (*/)*)/)~~**
and that means welcome dear holidayy~~

first I want to say thanks for those who support me..
yeah..thanks to you girls~!! I'm sorry I can't reply them..but now I cann... =DDD

I knoww I made a hugeee fail in Pathology but I guess I do my best for it..hope that it will be a B..(B is fine with me..come on gimme a B..it's only a B~~)

anyway..this holiday gonna be awesome..I hope I can relax in this holiday..
I can't believe what I've missed!!

atemu_mana is gettin a nephew!! HWAWW!!
comngrats Temu-chiii...I know you will love him muchh...have decided on his name ?? or will you give him one of those names that you've been thinkin of using for a long time..I know your name-list is full of gorgeous name~~

bearrs is taking request at tangertea !!! OMG I missed theemm...nooooo...
why why..I guess I'll just wait the next time she open up those request post..again..gya gya~~
I love her B&W icons..they are TOTAL EPIC WIN...wow..
and congrats for gettin a new laptop!! oh I love that dorky music player..is it so compatible with laptop..I'm so eager to know more about it...
also a new comm ? wow..I'm excited to know more about barbieaters ~
will always stalk you for you epic win graphics~ *khu khu..don't think of runnin away from mee..gyah*

it's also the same for celestial_moon  at clockwisedoom taking requests!!
her coloring is awesome to the point that I'm droolin over it...LOL..(I'm sorry to drool over your coloring~~)
OMG I missed them..both is really awesome for making icons...

I don't know that blue_paprika have a doggiee...kyaaaa.. I love doggiee...
I have 6 of them in my house..yeah..six~~ I love them...kya kyaa~

azuyama_chan !! Glad you get to see your present~ and congrats for your new comm! it's fallaciousli ~
hope you do the best always there..I'm really happy to see you make a new comm..don't be a lazy old hag like me..bwahahaha!


and now lemme rant for those 2-sucks-week-of-tiring-moments...

at least, the best thing is..I don't have to take exams so I can rest a while..I'll be on exams around the end of August for the remidial subject..gosh..haha..I must be so stupid..I hve to do those make-up tests..geez..those old geezer is just to much givin us those slides..I hope I can burn them soon~ oh how lovely those fire will be~ *Akatsuki Kain..I 'll need your help to burnt them down~*
I'm so proud of myself that I can finish this 2-weeks of life-and-death situation~~

on the 3'rd of July I have my cousin's Wedding~ wow..I spent a whole night attending their wedding..but it is worth of..
I love him much to the point that he resemble a big brother for me...wow~ I hope he can be a good husband..and maybe not-too-soon good father...haha

And I'm gonna catch up all mangas,animes, tv shows, and movies that I missed!!
starting from..
- Kuroshitsuji II
- Vampire Knight
- Hakuoki
- Sengoku Basara
- Pandora Heart
- Toy's Story
- Eclipse
- Leverage
- Fast Forward
- etc etc..want to reccommend anything to me dear my f-list ? oho~~

I'm still thinkin when will Kuroshitsuji volume 9 and Pandora Heart volume 10 gonna be out in my country..I'm so eager to buy them..
also VK is released in tankoubon in my country so yeah~ definitely buy them...hoho~!

and I'm thinkin of gettin a new laptop....mine is old enough for a laptop..this upcoming November will be his 7th birthday..LOL~
so my papa said that I can get a new laptop to replace the old one..he will be using the old one for his job...
I think I don't want to be apart from it but my dad need him just as important as me..and he thinks it's better that I'm the one gettin new laptop rather than him..
(Deleted comment)
07 09 10 (UTC)
absolutely will totally LOVE holiday..
who don't, right ? =DDD
(Deleted comment)
07 09 10 (UTC)
uwaaaa!! aku juga mauuu...
(TA T)
hiks...kenapa dia buka request waktu aku harus hiatus..huhuhuhu...
(go to gloom-emo-corner)

Aa..Beauty Pop..aku uda baca sampai selesai..hehe..beli komiknya indo sih..
bagus banget itu ceritanya..
Narumi rada2x bodo gimana gituu...Kirinya cuek bebek..
hahahaha... LOVE that manga~~
iaa iaa..mirip banegt sifatnya sama si Echo..cuma si Echo masih kadang bisa lucu marah2x tentang si Vincent..hahah..
(Deleted comment)
07 10 10 (UTC)
*toss!* Arai Kyoko emang bagus2x kog..
aku rata2x uda baca karya nya dia..umm..beli lebih tepat nya ? hehehe..
Hwaww..makasih reccommend nyaa..

langsung download XDD
07 09 10 (UTC)
Holidays! How long? *O*

I love my two nieces no matter how awesomely aggressive and annoying they are because they're my 'little sisters'. Now, I got my wish, a 'little brother'! *O* *yeah, my 'siblings'*

My sis already have a name for him but we're not sure if it's that - Alif. My task: figure out another nick for the boy. Let's see his personality in these few months. I wanna squeal!
07 10 10 (UTC)
around a month ? kya..this is why we love university~~

well sure you will find a matching nickname..LOL...
sometimes they're annoying but we can't stop love them no ? hoho...
07 10 10 (UTC)

and whoa, you want to watch eclipse? are you sure?
07 10 10 (UTC)
yeah..dog-lovers on the go!!
(after watching Kuroshitsuji II I'll be siding with Claude~~ lol...too bad that I love Sebastian much better)

Hyea..aku nonton Eclipse tadi...
asik waktu adegan action nya..lainnya.banyak smooch smooch chu chu scene..haha..aku ketawa waktu liad sebelahku orang2x pada nutupin matanya..duh ketawa deh..
07 11 10 (UTC)
haha adegan actionnya cuma bentar, sisanya adegan aneh2 yang enak diketawain LOLOL
07 11 10 (UTC)
WOOOHOO!! Congratz! I know that feeling of exams finally ended and holidays are here!!! :DDDDDDDDD

07 12 10 (UTC)
I will~~
07 13 10 (UTC)
Your father is so nice :) to keep the old laptop and get you a new one. Besides, it looks like you need one. Which one are you wanting to get :)?

You're so lucky XD! That VK releases there so fast and you can buy it! They release it here as well, but it takes time and is so expensive!

Oh, you're having exams on August? O: Never heard of that, here, it is August where we get our results (like from school to high school). Anyways, good luck with your exams and make sure you're revising :)!
07 14 10 (UTC)
he is nice..but sometimes I just can't guess what's inside his mind..so it's kinda surprising cause he never mention anything about replacing my lappie..
Which one I want to get..I still don't know but I'm interested in VAIO..I hope the price still in my budget range..ehe~~

Uhm..VK here released in magz-comic like Lala (except here is HanaLala) so it's the tankoubon version~
and yes I bought both of them..I hope they get the fanbook too! kya kya~

Yeah..we're having make-up exams in August..(hiksuu) and we got the result by the end of August..
waaa...I failed in a subject..so I had to do a make-up exam..
gwaaa..I don't wanna to do itt... (\(TA T)/)
02 17 13 (UTC)
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