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curse you exam !! 
06 15 10
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango
yeah!! CURSE YOU EXAMSSS!!! *groooaaaaa*
but aside from those stupid exams..I gor frustated and dump my work here!

[x10] Vampire Knight
[x28] Vocaloid


Series : Vampire Knight
Featuring : smexy Kuran Kaname and hawt Kiryuu Zero
Time : 7 hour
Program : Adobe Photoshop CS2
Credit Scan : sagakure 

I happen to see "Gekokujou" or "Revolution" PV and I love them..so head on those pics and hunt down..
maybe more PV later..since I have them saved but haven't used them for icons..duh~
and I find Miku-miku is awesome and Mikuo is HAWT~


 yeahh!!! I haven't iconing VK for YEARS...and now I'm happy~~


uhm...I really happy with this one...and I realize something..
Hino..you really have a massive screentone~~ around 2 hours I cleaned screentone and other things..retrace them..
wow..and the suit..hoho..I love stripe down to the core..but I use pattern for this one..so rather odd ? aha..I'm happy anyway~~
and I'm such a lazy person..so I'm not doing the background.. *yes I am..I supposed to studied not coloring~but whatever..exams sucks!*

# comment are love~~
# credit for icons in appreciated
# credit for coloring is REALLY appreciated ^^
# you can always ask anything because I won't bite..even I'm stressed *I will bite Kaname instead if I can? LOL*
06 15 10 (UTC)
These...are sexy. :| Especially the VOCALOID ones. :DD I like the manga coloring too. :3 I haven't heard of Vampire Knight in forever!
06 15 10 (UTC)
thank youu~ ^^
but but but but..
your Ichigo is smexy-er than thiss!!

well..it's shoujo..but rather..twisted ? haha..
well I love the art and the plot too...
06 15 10 (UTC)
You're welcome.
Psha yeah right.

Yeah it kind of is. (:
I'll have to get back to reading it again. I stopped after volume 3 due to RL.
06 15 10 (UTC)

*I will blame you if I can't leave this computer bcoz of that Ichigo and awesome-yellow-orange-ness*

well..try read it again maybe ?
although the plot is rather slow for a shoujo manga..shoujo usually rather rushed..but this time..it is super slow.. =___=
06 16 10 (UTC)
Yes...yes you may. XDD;

I have 1-3 and 5 LOL so I can pick it back up again easily. (:
I don't read enough Shoujo to know. Though I do get that feeling with them. (:
06 17 10 (UTC)
yeah..I know..
I'm not that much to shoujo either..
I prefer Josei..or seinen..shounen is fine..
but VK have the plot..so OK for me =))
*though I think the plot started in chapter 10++..ahaha...*
(Deleted comment)
06 16 10 (UTC)
kyaaa...thanks dearr!
06 15 10 (UTC)
Good luck with the exams!
06 16 10 (UTC)
I.will *A*

groaaaaa..I feel like Godzilla ready to sweep down a city!!
06 15 10 (UTC)
I told you so. Hino and screentones, ugh;

I was wondering how you get the stripes to look the same. Patterns, eh? Do you have the source? Been thinking of looking for some stripes. :)

Lazy, lazy Unna. Oh well, exams can be a bitch sometimes. It's pretty~ and you put your name over there, good girl. :D
06 16 10 (UTC)
yesh!! pattern is my choice..ohoo..
you want it ? actually I made that myself..you know..based on my papa's suit..I kinda like it so..tara~

yeahh..I've been a good girl Temu-chiii =DD
bcoz it is hardd!! you know I spent almost 2 hours++ just to get those screentones outta their places..
and at 1st I thought og gettin rid of Kaname's black-tone-hair and retrace them..but afterall..I'm too lazy..
ha ha ha ha....
06 17 10 (UTC)
Oh. You made it? Cos' I was thinking of having a stripe as my journal's background. It's beautiful as it is, but I feel like I need some colours. :D

Oh. I never try removing the tone on Kaname's hair, besides the fact I am very bad in recreating shadows, etcetera. I just leave it the way it is.

I posted new colourings. :D
06 17 10 (UTC)
Oh yea....i saw something pretty harsh on ur DW...
Sheeesh...made my blood boil...

Well...what color do you want??
Maybe i can help to search it...
06 16 10 (UTC)
Awesome stuff there!
06 17 10 (UTC)
awesome stuff is YOU back alive in LJ..
I missed youuu~~
06 17 10 (UTC)
Thank you, I missed you too! <3
Btw, I love your header!
06 17 10 (UTC)
It is fun to do a graphic with Vocaloid...

We should celebrate the day you came backk...hohooo...
06 16 10 (UTC)
Lovely Icons~

I snatched all the Zero ones. <3 Will credit if used.

Thank you for taking the time to color these these two.
06 17 10 (UTC)
you're welcome ^^
enjoy the hawt Zero~
06 17 10 (UTC)
8D Thank you so much~
06 17 10 (UTC)
you're welcome =DD
06 21 10 (UTC)
I LOVE YOUR VOCALOID ICONS. I'm interested nao!
06 21 10 (UTC)
waaa...thank youu..

vocaloid is fun for me..since there is no plot or anything..it's jsut they sing and they are cutee..
so how can I resist~~
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