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01 13 12
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango
Hey, f-lists, I wonder what will you do with your dreamwidth ?? should I import my journal/comm there??
I really don't know what to do with it 8DD
do you guys have dreamwidth ?? if you are, then what will you do about it ?/so clueless in DW/
01 13 12 (UTC)
...I didn't do anything at all. I mean, I just created my username, imported stuff, and that's that.

I love LJ too much tbh.
01 13 12 (UTC)
Imported stuffs! I see..what kind of import will it be Fee??
Something more personal...or public? I don't know actually what to import there..i still haven't got the muse over DW, and just like you, I love LJ a bit too much...ok,maybe not a bit, but a lot
01 13 12 (UTC)
I created an account a while ago ([personal profile] hesperia) although I'm not migrating to dreamwidth.
01 13 12 (UTC)
Oooh!! I'll add you there tomorrow!!

Eehh, i do think so...I can't even think how to migrate things there..it's just, there's a lot to come in LJ..animan,with all those posts and friends..100% over my DW is someone I knew from LJ :/
01 13 12 (UTC)
I have it. I write a lot of my main entries on DW and set them to cross-post to LJ now so I don't have to import all the time. Waiting for the community feature to open to free account to send over my personal comms. I'll probably still always be on LJ though since I have a perm account here and I doubt my icontests or tcg would all want to move over.
01 13 12 (UTC)
Yepp! Definitely true that one of the reason we didn't left LJ is the icontests..so many gorgeous one here...
I saw it's quite expanding range in a RL-fandom base in DW..but not a lot of animanga indeed...

And so that's how you do your DW..is it more convenient in a way to post something more personal in DW than LJ that you only cross posted them?Maybe because I'm not familiar with it yet...
01 13 12 (UTC)
DW has a cross-posting feature so if you write it over there it appears both there and on LJ at the same time. LJ doesn't have any such feature, so rather than having to set up mass imports from LJ to DW and clean it out every so often, I just write there and let it do the work for me as I go.
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