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An End and A Beginning 
02 26 11
Tokyo Babylon || takes two to tango
hello dear f-list, how are you~~!
it's been a while, but things starting to get busy...next week gonna start Uni life again I don't want tooo gimme back ma holidays...but gah! must do it if I want to graduate...LOL..

last thursday I got a perm, so now my hair  instead of that sleek-dead-straight go to wavy~ and I do agree that I like the style..or maybe because I've never had my style changed since I was born so something new might be good I though..it was a last minute decision since I was soo sleepy and mom asked "perm or not get your butt here at the salon, and the next 10 minutes I was at the salon with my hair being rinsed so, yeah in my sleepy state I said I decided to get a perm.. BWAHA LAME BUT THAT'S ME!...

Yesterday I went to see "King's Speech", as everybody already know it's a history-based-movies, tho the story is not something can be boasted about, I think the best about this movie is the shooting angle, they capture the moment, the expression, the unique silence through out the the movie, it's one hell of dramatic movies that I found to be interesting aside from my bias to history movies

Next week the Uni will start again...I'm getting Surgery, OG, psychiatry, anesthesiology, dermatology, radiology, and also the one that I was surprised when I sign for the class is, The Art of Writing Prescription, wow I didn't even know that writing prescription needs art in there..I mean we do have some rules about prescription, how we write dosage or usage it's different...but that considered as an art, I think I'm gonna enjoy that class..

so to sum up in this holiday I did :
- prep my little bistro - not European food but Japanese food, blame those delicious Japanese food for this
- enjoying my holiday to the fullest, I mean, iconning, colouring and such XDD
- sometimes out of town to get some fresh air~
- watching all the series that I downloaded like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Lie to Me, NCIS, Royal Pains, Off the Map, Being Human, etc etc
02 26 11 (UTC)
In other words, I will be missing you a lot! -massivehugs-

The Art of Writing Prescription? Interesting.
02 26 11 (UTC)

interesting subject isn't it ??
02 26 11 (UTC)
aaaaww good luck for uni, I bet surgery would be fun!
02 26 11 (UTC)
I hope so...
they're consisting of all killers doctors so...(Y____Y)
hope i can survive this term.. XDD

thank you dear!
02 27 11 (UTC)
GAH, I'm starting tomorrow. Dx Nice, I hope you'll have fun with your classes. The Art of Writing Prescription. *snickers*

Doctor Who!!! I should watch Sherlock but I can't be bothered downloading it. XD

I quite like "King's Speech" actually. I agree, they capture the moment quite well. This has nothing to do with Colin Firth and the small P&P1995 reunion.
02 27 11 (UTC)
Niicceee :x
yes it is..the art they say~ LOL

well, me too I like King's Speech it is just so dramatic.. XDD
for me it's Helena B. tho~
02 27 11 (UTC)
Gah! I'm so scared. /dies

Ooh, nice! :D Helena was quite good. XD
02 27 11 (UTC)
/nods/ yes~~
Colin deserve the best actor there...he really makes me in awe~
02 27 11 (UTC)
Hi there!!,
good luck with uni :D, so you study medicine?
that's great that you got to enjoy your holiday to the fullest :D I'm happy for you :P
02 28 11 (UTC)
Hehe..yes I am XDD
thank you so much!! hope everything goes well for you too!
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